Thank you for your interest in Anila Sheikh Photography.  The frequently asked questions are listed below:


Lifestyle Portraits FAQ'S


What types of sessions do you do? 

I take photos of all kinds of love and interactions shared between individuals.  The portrait session includes families, newborns, children, couples, maternity, and seniors.


How do I book my portrait session?

It is very easy, all you have to do is call 703-598-4292 or email me at [email protected] to let me know that you are interested in booking a portrait session with me.  Please let me know which session you are interested in booking, when, and where.    


Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes indeed.  A contract would need to be signed to protect both parties "the Client and the Photographer".


How do I make a payment?

Payments are accepted by Venmo.  No personal checks are accepted.


Where are you located?

I am located in Centreville, Virginia and I travel all through the DMV area.


What kind of photos will I expect from you?

As you can see from my website I do a lot of candid and posed shots. I love to give a variety of photos to my clients so you will receive both styles of photography.  


How long will it take to get my images/photos?

I will try my best to have all of your images edited and available in about 2-3 weeks.  


Do you travel for portrait sessions?  If so do you charge for travel?  

Yes and Yes.  If I have to travel 15 miles beyond my zip code 20120 then I will collect travel fees.


Where will the session take place?

The session may take place at any location that you prefer and if there are any fees associated with using that location then that is the client's responsibility to take care of it.  


How many people can be included in the family or children's session?

Up to 5 people.  If you add additional people then there will be an extra fee in the amount of $20 per person. 


When is the best time for Maternity Sessions?

Pregnancy is a happy and beautiful time in your life. You are waiting anxiously for the arrival of your little bundle of joy.  Maternity sessions are done between 30 to 36 weeks.  


What does a lifestyle newborn session include?

The lifestyle newborn session includes candid photos of the baby at your home.  


When is the best time for a lifestyle newborn session?  Do you include any props?  Will you pose the baby?

This session is done within 4 to 8 weeks of getting home with your precious little one.  The session takes place in the comfort of your home in a natural environment.  For example; photos will be taken in the nursery, your bedroom, and the family room.  No props are included and will not be posing the baby.


Do you take the 1st 48 hours of our baby when he/she is in the hospital, birthing center, or at home?

Yes, of course, I do.  This lifestyle session captures the first few hours of your baby's life and it will be unforgettable!  The photos will include baby's yawn, cute little fingers, and toes, belly button with the umbilical cord, meeting the dad, siblings, or grandparents for the first time, kissing baby's feet and so much more.  I will not be posing the baby or bringing any props.  


If we are late for a session would we still have the full session?

I am sorry but I have other clients or commitments that I need to get to so I cannot do that.  For example; If you are late 15 minutes then the session will last only 30 minutes. I am not able to make up the time that you have missed.


When should I book my session?

Please book as soon as possible since I have limited time on the weekdays.  Weekends tend to fill up very fast.


What happens after the session?

After the shoot, clients will get their images in an online gallery to view and choose which images and products they will purchase.  The most time-consuming process is narrowing down your favorite and best images.


Will all of my images be retouched?

All of the images will be color corrected.  


What do you do to retouch images?

With no additional charge, I will do basic retouching such as correct saturation, exposure, clarity, color balance, contrast, sharpening, and remove any distortion from all of the images.  I will do an advanced touch-up of removing minor blemishes, teeth whitening, removing minor wrinkles, bruises, acne, or any moles for an additional cost of $35 per image.  


Do you reserve the right to publish the images?

Yes, I do.  Every client signs a release form that is included in the contract.  Any image that you see on my website is a past client of Anila Sheikh Photography and has signed a release form included in the contract or by itself granting me permission to use their images.


What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

I love Nikon anything, Nikon.  I am a Nikon girl!  All of my lenses and camera bodies are Nikon.


Are you shooting in digital or film format?

Digital all the time.


Do you offer black and white photos?  If so how much would it cost?

Yes, I do and it is totally free with portrait coverage.  I select the photos that I feel will look great in black and white for example; when there is a lot of emotion in a photo, to make people look more serious and to take away any distractions from the photos.


Do you give Raw images?

No, I do not.