Thank you for your interest in Anila's Photography.  The frequently asked questions are listed below:



Wedding FAQ'S


How do I book my wedding? 

It is very easy all you have to do is call 703-598-4292 or email me at [email protected] to let me know that you are interested in booking a wedding with me.  A $500 retainer/booking fee is required to book the date and it is nonrefundable.  50% of your balance will be due ninety days before your wedding.  The rest of the balance is due five weeks before the day of your wedding.  If I have space available and you are booking me at the last minute then all balance needs to be paid in FULL at the time of booking.


Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes indeed.  A contract would need to be signed and a retainer/booking fee is required to reserve the day and time of your wedding date.


How do I make a payment?

Payments are accepted by Venmo. No personal checks are accepted.


How much in advance do I need to book you for the wedding?

The sooner the better.  The date is saved on a first-come basis so I suggest that you contact me immediately after setting your wedding date.


What kind of photos will I expect from you?

As you can see from my website I do a lot of candid and traditional/posed shots. I love to give a variety of photos to my clients so you will receive both styles of photography.  


How long will it take to get my images/photos?

I will try my best to have all of your images edited and available in about 4-6 weeks.  Also, you will receive a sneak peek of your photos on my Facebook Page  "Anila Sheikh Photography or".  I am hoping that you would show me your support by LIKING my FB Page.....thanks.  


Will all of my images be retouched?

All of the images will be color corrected.  With no additional charge, I will correct saturation, exposure, clarity, color balance, contrast, sharpening, and remove any distortion from all of the images.  


Do you reserve the right to publish the images?

Yes, I do.  Every client signs a release form that is included in the contract.  Any image that you see on my website is a past client of Anila Sheikh Photography and has signed a release form included in the contract or by itself granting me permission to use their images.


Do you offer albums?

Yes, I do.  I offer albums as an add on to your wedding collection because it is something that is can touch, feel, and see every day of your life.  It is a wonderful memory of your special day that can be revisited whenever you want to.


Can I see samples of the albums?

Yes, you may.  I keep samples of the albums that I offer.


How long does the album processing take?

You will hopefully get the album in 8-12 weeks depending on when you order it.


Do I get to select the photos for my album?

Yes, you may help me by informing me of the special people's photos that you may want to display in the album.  Basically, I design and pick the best images for your album.


How many photos will I expect from my wedding?

It basically depends on the amount of wedding coverage that you select.  Unlimited photos will be taken at the wedding and I will provide you with the best photos that are up to my high standards and tells the story of your wedding day.


Are all of the photos going to be in the album?

Sorry not all of them.  You will have the option of purchasing different types of an album and that will be the deciding factor on the number of photos being displayed in the album.  For example, I have an album with 50 pages which will hold 25-35 photos and an album with 100 pages which will hold 50-70 photos.  There are other albums with fewer pages so basically, it varies depending on the album choice.


Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes, I certainly do.  You may add it to your wedding collection.


Do you offer a Bridal Session?

Yes, I do.  You may add it to your wedding collection.


What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

I love Nikon anything, Nikon.  I am a Nikon girl!  All of my lenses and camera bodies are Nikon.


Can my family and friends purchase wedding photos?

Yes of course!  You will receive images from a private online gallery that can be shared with family and friends after your order has been placed.  The gallery is password protected so you may share your password and link with anyone that you want to share your photos with. They have the option to purchase photos from the gallery with a few clicks.


Do you bring back-up equipment to an event just in case it malfunctions?

Yes absolutely.  I bring along extra camera bodies, lenses, memory cards, flashes, and batteries.  


Are you shooting in digital or film format?

Digital all the time.


Do you offer black and white photos?  If so how much would it cost?

Yes, I do and it is totally free with wedding coverage.  I select the photos that I feel will look great in black and white during post-production for example; when there is a lot of emotion in a photo, to make people look more serious and to take away any distractions from the photos.  


Can I give you specific shots that I would like at the wedding?

No problem at all.  I just want you to know that the list of poses that you give me are only suggestions and I can not guarantee that all of the poses will be taken. I will do my best to cover all shots as long as everyone cooperates and is available on time for the photo session.


Will you be able to photograph when we do a "first look"?

Of course, I will.  Just let me know when you are ready and I will be there!  This moment is so special with true emotions and I will definitely not miss it.


Do we need to provide you a meal at the reception?

That would be assistant and I would appreciate it and the 2nd photographer "if included in your coverage". Our sugar level will stay in check, hopefully, we will not faint from starvation and we will not feel too tired.  I just wanted to let you know that many guests don't like to be photographed while they are eating since most of them are not too photogenic with food in their mouths.  


Do you charge an extra fee for arriving earlier at a wedding?

No, I do not charge for arriving early since it is my time to set up, not be in a rush, and to feel relaxed.  I personally like to be 15 to 30 minutes early for weddings.


Do you charge for travel expenses?  How much? What other expenses do you charge?

Yes, traveling fees will apply for each event that is over 50 miles from my location (going and coming back) and is $2.50 a mile round trip.  If the wedding is more than 2 hours away or finishes after midnight then a hotel night is required.  If I have to travel 5 hours driving distance than airfare, hotel accommodation, food expense is required for myself, assistant or 2nd shooter. Also a rental car for the team.


Do you do destination weddings?

Not right now.  Let's see what happens in the future.