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The Fischer Family Lifestyle Portrait Session

January 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome back, everyone!

I recently had a stupendous lifestyle portrait session with the Fischer family. I've said it before and I'll say it again – I truly have the best clients ever! This family was no exception, either.  I don’t think I would ever forget the two little adorable boys.  The older one was four years old and the younger one was six months old.  I have to say, these little boys reminded me of the book, “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.”  They would not stay still, the older one was always jumping on the couch, going under the tables, and constantly wanting to play and have a good time.  And for the younger one, he was climbing up his dad and dancing around with both of his parents.  The only way that the parents could calm down their youngest son was to feed him milk.  The four-year-old was persuaded into relaxing by being able to use his kindle later in the day and to have some of his favorite chocolate.  The baby also had a hard time looking towards the camera because he was always looking at his two pets, a dog, and a cat.  We had to use our phone screens, toys, some funny faces, and interesting noises to get the baby’s attention.  The two boys definitely added a lot of excitement and surprises to the photoshoot. 

We met at their home in the Washington D.C. Palisades and it was right off canal road.  I loved shooting at their home because there were a lot of windows, the balcony overlooked many trees and even the Potomac River.  Because of the many windows in their home, there was a lot of natural lighting, so we didn’t need any of the lights in their home to be on or use a great amount of flash.  The natural lighting also added a beautiful and gentle touch on everyone’s face.  Thanks to the balcony, we were able to get some photos outside.  Even though it was a little chilly that day, we all went to get photos taken with the breathtaking sunset that was taking place.  Their dog and cat also wanted to spend some time on the balcony with all of us.  Overall, it was just an amazing and beautiful place for photography. 

It truly was a great photo shoot. And if any of you, yes YOU, are considering a family session or are prepping for an upcoming one, heed the words of Hallie:  It is absolutely necessary to have a photography session at home instead of going to the studio.  With young kids, it’s tough to get pictures done and have them relaxed while being in a studio.

Okay, onto pictures of the Fischer family!

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