Anila Sheikh Photography LLC | Family Portrait Session at Lakeside Park

Family Portrait Session at Lakeside Park

November 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone! 

Let me take a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so amazing to work with. That's true of my session with this family, too!

I met up with them a few weeks ago at a beautiful Lakeside Park located in Fairfax, Virginia and the weather was perfect for photo-taking. It was a cool day with a lot of sun, so it didn’t feel too cold.  The sunlight was diffused and there was lots of soft light with no harsh shadows to be found.   While the weather was fine, it was this family that made this shoot such a success. 



The family consists of a mom, who is a teacher at Fairfax County Public Schools and a dad who is into computer information systems.  Both of them had attended James Madison University (which is actually how they met).  They have a son that is 5 years old and a daughter that is 13 years old.  The daughter is in 8th grade and was very kind.  She always had a big smile, whereas their son was a little too serious.  In order to make the little boy smile, for each photo, the family mentioned Professor Poopy Pants from the movie “Captain Underpants” and different foods from McDonald’s.  These two things made him laugh endlessly! 

The reason why the family wanted to have a portrait session here was that one of “their family activity is coming to this park since they have been living in the Fairfax area,” says the mom.  She also mentioned that it's a "very lovely neighborhood park and it's very close to their home".  It's definitely a very lovely park with many activities to do such as nice playground for younger kids, a baseball field, a soccer field and a trail that is almost 2 miles that go around the lake.  

As you can see from the comments above and the photos below, this family is not only photogenic but also a close-knit group who clearly love spending time together. They are extremely lucky to have each other.

Our session highlights are below!  

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